Grace Solar won the bidding of Germany 1.21magwatts PV power station site project

Recently, Xiamen Grace Solar Tech Co.,Ltd won the bidding of Germany 1.21 megawatts grid PV station project. This project will start at early April, planned finish on June.

Before long, this factory will be installed with solar grid PV station, customers side grid will help to improve project earning capacity.

This project located in east site of a technology area, among them, 935KW will be built above 8369 square meters of 10 buildings in the site, which was predicted to generate 2.53 billion kilowatt for 27years with annual energy output about 1.08million kilowatt. Saving standard coal 378 tons and sulfur dioxide 5.9 tons reduction.

According to the bidding information, this project adopted the plane roof mounting system and fixed triangle bracket install system solution .Nowadays Grace Solar relevant engineers and technicists are doing the preparation work.


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