Talesun Partners with ARTsolar to Develop South African Market Through Product Localization

PVTIME – Talesun Solar, a leading photovoltaic (PV) module manufacturer globally, recently announced the signing of a co-operation agreement with South Africa’s local manufacturer ARTsolar, to meet the requirements of the South African Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE) Risk Mitigation IPP Procurement (RMIPPP) programme, and beyond.

With over ten years of experience in the manufacturing of PV products, Talesun Solar has built robust competence in R&D, process flows and quality control. As part of the collaboration, the two companies will jointly create greater business value by producing high-efficiency large-format PV modules locally in South Africa by leveraging the complementary synergies as a result of the advantages and resources each possess in their respective fields.

Currently, the global PV market is awash in opportunities with promising prospects. The abundance in natural resources adds to the appeal and potential of the South African market as a result of the increasing demand for PV products. This is encouraged by the tariff-based competitive bidding system launched as part of the country’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP).

ARTsolar was founded in Durban in 2010 by entrepreneurs Eshu Seevnarayan and Patrick Goss, who remain primary shareholders of the 100% South African-owned company. ARTsolar currently has an annual manufacturing capacity of more than 300MW. The long gestation period of the RMIPPP programme has provided ARTsolar time to upgrade to a new, state-of-the-art, 325MW per year, solar PV panel assembly facility in partnership with Talesun.

“As patriotic industrialists, the renewed interest in the local PV manufacturing industry has provided a long-awaited new ray of hope for the renewable energy sector and local manufacturing as a whole. We have been awaiting such commitment for the past 12 years and always held the belief that this sector will receive the impetus and support of Government. With such continued support we anticipate implementing a second 500MW capacity line in the near future.” said Eshu Seevnarayan – ARTsolar’s Chairman.

ARTsolar has invested significantly in technical training and skills development in close association with multiple tertiary institutions. The new assembly facilities will add a further 160 permanent jobs to their existing workforce. Notably, this has allowed the company to remain one of the continents only African owned PV manufacturer. These upgrades, expansions and training demonstrate the long-term commitment of the parties to localisation and the creation of local jobs and skills development.

“Through the collaboration with ARTsolar, Talesun Solar is well-positioned to provide a wider array of quality PV modules to customers in South Africa in order to meet their needs for locally-produced high-efficiency PV offerings,” said Talesun Solar President Shuguang Dong. “The company plans to continue deepening the partnership with our South African peer in the areas of manufacturing and sales of as well as technologies for PV modules, with the aim of boosting employment in the local community and speeding up technological transformation at the local level.”