Talesun and Rewa Solar Agree Module Deal in Excess of 1 MW

Top Product and Service Quality Make Talesun Shine Munich, 13. March 2012: Talesun, a leading international producer of high quality solarcells and modules, and Rewa Solar announced the signing of a delivery agreement for the year 2012. The contract takes Talesun’s growing presence in the German renewable energy market to a new level.

Talesun Solar Germany GmbH has been operational since September 2011. It will provide polycrystalline solar modules to REWA Solar, a German Photovoltaic (PV) Energy specialist from Paderborn. The modules are Talesun’s type TP660P – 240W, which have an impressive efficiency rate of 15%. REWA Solar intends to install 80% of the modules on projects in the Westfalia region of Germany. The other 20% will be available for purchase through the company’s wholesale network.

“We identified the Talesun modules because of their proven mechanical resilience and their reliability at guaranteeing high levels of energy conversion,“ explains Bernhard Rehermann,CEO at REWA Solar. “In addition, Talesun is one of the few manufacturers with a fully automated production process. The company’s progressive technology is not only evidenced in their product quality, but also in their ability to offer that quality at such attractive prices.“

Joachim Simonis, CEO of Talesun Solar Germany, GmbH, is also excited by the development.“We’re very happy to cement our close business relationship with REWA Solar. We are still relatively new to the European market and aim to offer our clients more than just a high quality product. At Talesun we offer a promise of service quality that is the foundation on which we aim to build our presence in Germany and beyond.”

Talesun Solar Germany GmbH · European Head Office
Landsberger Str. 110 · 80339 München · T +49 (0)89 189 1770
Email: sales.eu@talesun.com · Internet: www.talesun.com

About Talesun

Talesun is an internationally operating, premium producer of solar modules and cells for the private and industrial sectors. The company’s 200,000m², fully automated production plant in the Chinese province of Jiangsu will reach a production capacity of 1 GW by 2012. Talesun has subsidiaries in Shanghai, Munich and San Jose.


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