ENN 6.5MW Solar Farm in Germany Maintains Top System Ratio

ENN Solar Energy confirms a 6.5MW solar farm, which successfully obtained higher Feed-in-Tariff rates, under superior performance since it’s been connected to grid later in 2011. And thus more kilowatt-hours of electricity will be produced over its lifetime of service.

The 6.5MW solar power generation facility was developed by ENN Solar Energy, a leading comprehensive solar solution provider backed by the multibillion-dollar resources of ENN’s integrated group of clean energy companies.

Half of the project utilizes state-of-the-art tandem junction silicon thin film solar modules from ENN plus numbers of first-rate C-Si modules deployed in the rest. Meanwhile, ENN Group Europe GmbH reaches to their ultimate through EPC. Under months’ monitoring by ENN Global Engineering Center, the 6.5MW project shows a stable and superior system ratio compared with industry average.


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