SVE and Talesun are exploiting the markets of Mexico together

Verdes Socios Energéticos de México (SVE) is a company based in Mexico. We are committed to bringing clean and renewable solar and wind power to Mexico on a global scale. The goal of SVE is to make Mexico the world leader of PV solar power production throughout Mexico.

SVE has integrated solutions that will excel Mexico to achieve global solar prominence that include: Turn-Key PV Projects, Planning through Construction, Engineering/Design & Support, Contract Procurement, Commissioning of PV Solar Power Plants, including, Complete System Operations, Training of Personnel, Direct Purchasing Power, and Public Education Programs.

SVE has partnered with Talesun Solar the global panel manufacturing leader to bring the best solar PV technology to Mexico on a scale never achieved until now. Talesun has 7 offices worldwide and by the end of 2012, will have the ability to manufacture over 2 GW of Pv panels at a single location. Talesun has become a global leader in solar panel manufacturing through product diversity, putting quality first, offering the best warranties in the industry, and ensuring strong customer support systems are in place, both SVE and Talesun believes together they will make it happen.

The strong alliance of SVE and Talesun will ensure Mexico will become the next global leader of solar PV installations in the coming years.


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