Actions by Clenergy against Grace Solar and Chiko Solar

Clenergy is a leading international technology corporate group which currently holds multiple patents around the world in relation to its ezRack series PV mounting product and Power Electronics Technology, including a certified Australian innovation patent for its solar panel rack technology. These patent rights are a critical part of Clenergy’s business and they are proof of why Clenergy is an innovative market leader in the solar industry. Clenergy currently operates in Australia, the US, Germany, the UK and China and works with industry leading PV manufacturers and utility companies worldwide.

 Clenergy vigorously defends its exclusive patent rights and continually monitors the Australian market for suspected infringements. Late last year, one of Clenergy’s Australian subsidiaries sued Chinese solar panel rack manufacturers Xiamen Fengwei Energy Technology Co. Ltd (better known as Grace Solar) and Chiko Solar Industry Co. Ltd in the Federal Court of Australia alleging infringement of Clenergy’s Australian certified innovation patent.That action is still pending, but on evidence filed by Clenergy’s subsidiary, the judge agreed that there is a prima facie case of patent infringement against both companies. As the litigation continues, Clenergy will seek orders forcing them to stop their supply of the relevant products into Australia and that they pay financial compensation.

In addition to this action, last year the same Clenergy subsidiary also took action against an Australian trader which was settled on commercial terms with the individual concerned agreeing to pay a substantial sum to Clenergy.

Clenergy also recognises the challenge that rampant patent infringement in Australia represents to the solar industry in Australia as a whole. Clenergy welcomes any comments, suggestions or questions you have on how patent infringement in Australia can be eliminated.

About Clenergy

Clenergy, which is based in Xiamen (China) and Melbourne (Australia), develops, manufactures and sells high-quality mounting systems for commercial and private PV systems on flat roofs and pitched roofs and in open spaces, inverters with G83 and G59 certification (MCS) and solar controllers for stand-alone facilities. Clenergy was founded in 2006 and is ISO 9001-2008 accredited. All of its products have been tested by the German Technical Inspection Association (TüV) and comply with international standards. Its certified Z-modules and the fact that it only uses high-quality materials such as anodised aluminium and stainless steel means that Clenergy represents products with a recognised high level of quality and safety that are easy to mount and extremely durable. Clenergy’s European headquarters were opened in Germany in 2010, followed by the opening of its own branch in the UK in October 2011.


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