SunWiz: JinkoSolar Was Australian Rooftop Segment’s No. 1 Module Supplier in 2020

JinkoSolar announced that according to SunWiz’s “2020 Australia Solar Year in Review” Report, the company captured the highest market share of 22% in the Australian DG market and ranked first in the national rooftop segment.

PVTIME – In 2020 residential solar systems in Australia made up the bulk of historical installations. Falling system costs have encouraged households to install larger configurations to offset expensive retail electricity bills, and as a result, today nearly one over four households has a solar PV system installed on the roof. But we are not just talking about households: increasingly, commercial and industrial businesses are generating their own energy.

After the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, when the virus spread resulted in slowing down installation rates in the first few months of the year, rooftop solar installations had returned to normal. As a matter of fact, despite the impact of COVID-19 on the Australian market, in 2020 Rooftop solar PV installations grew 18% in the country, with 333,978 installations for a total of 2.9GW capacity.

According to the 2020 Australia Solar Year in Review Report released by SunWiz, a leading provider of strategic consulting to Australian solar industry, the majority of PV modules circulating in Australia rooftop segment were mainly provided by tier 1 PV module manufacturers. Among them, JinkoSolar captured the highest market share of 22% in the Australian DG market, ranking first in the national rooftop segment.

JinkoSolar Asia Pacific and ANZ general manager Anita Li shared, “We are excited to confirm our leading position in Australian market as the No.1 modules supplier in the national rooftop distribution business. This important achievement demonstrates JinkoSolar’s strong reputation Australia PV market, built on the top quality of our products and on the dedication to our customers as a leading supplier.”

These figures, especially if put into the context of the Covid pandemic, with the whole industry challenged by raw material shortage and price rise, represents another big milestone for JinkoSolar, making the company retain its crown as the top module supplier in the Australian PV rooftop market.