Suntech’s Complaints from Third-Party Insurance Companies Among the Lowest in the Industry, Reflecting Its Commitment to Customer Service and Product Quality

According to data feedback gathered from third-party insurance companies, as of December 31, 2018, the proportion of complaints regarding Suntech’s products among all complaints received by third-party insurance companies, such as Munich RE and The People’s Insurance Company of China (PICC), within the past five years, was only 100 ppm. This is far lower than the industry average, representing just 0.01%. Suntech has always been universally acclaimed for its exceedingly high quality in the PV industry. No matter how severe the weather, Suntech solar modules always ensure stable, reliable power generation.

Strict quality guidelines ensure quality products

Every Suntech solar module is subjected to a series of rigorous tests on the production line. Of particular note is the EL test, a test that modules go through following the laminating process. The EL test is similar to a B-mode ultrasound scan one would find in a hospital. Based on the EL of crystalline silicon, a high-resolution infrared camera takes near-infrared images of Suntech’s solar modules. Cracks, poor soldering, broken grates, and other defects that cannot be seen with the naked eye are detected, allowing hidden dangers to be removed from the beginning.

The final testing process uses BoGe testers purchased from Germany. In other companies, this equipment is only used in labs, but at Suntech, they are used to conduct routine module tests, effectively guaranteeing uniform product quality and reliable power generation. The products are also tested utilizing strict security protocols and are tested for product safety up to an impact of 3,600V. These stringent professional tests have enabled Suntech products to guarantee reliable quality for the last 25 years. “Everyone knows industry standards may be set very high. However, Suntech’s specific testing implementation is the key to our product’s exceptional quality,” said MR Fei, Manager of the QA Department, Suntech.

In addition to the production line tests, every Suntech solar module also goes through another test before shipment. Generally, according to national standard GB2828, random inspections will be conducted to the acceptable quality level (AQL) to determine the quality of a batch of solar modules. However, according to Suntech’s operation requirements, QA will check all EL pictures taken on the production line. Products that do not meet the national standard and customers’ requirements are identified and entire batches of products may be reworked and re-checked. MR Fei proudly said, “Only when we are tough on ourselves and expose and address our shortcomings can we collect data, analyze that data with constant frequency, and finally solve problems.” 

Become the trusted PV manufacturer through continuous innovation and excellent management

Suntech has earned the ISO9000 certification for its quality management system and the ISO14000 certification for its environment management system. Suntech has also obtained IEC, DNV GL, TÜV, and other certifications. Suntech has proven technology, rich experience, and a strong reputation in the design, construction, and maintenance of various large-scale solar PV grid-connected and independent power generation systems.

“In addition to our rigorous production line tests, we have inspected the upstream supply chain and held it to a much higher standard than conventional ones,” said MR Fei. Suntech always chooses the best practices for the selection and control of raw materials, including the control of battery shifting, management of standard testing plates (standard testing plates are calibrated every 4 hours), temperature, and so on. “We have set practical objectives for this. All delivered products must meet our customers’ needs. Our products can stand the test of time. Without remarkable product quality, we wouldn’t have such confidence to say so,” added MR Fei.

Suntech advocates that all of its efforts focus on manufacturing while keeping Suntech’s manufacturing “customer oriented”, utilizing the fine management of its production lines to reduce costs and improve quality. Suntech is also committed to customer-oriented service, quick response to customers’ requirements, and rapid implementation. In terms of customer management, Suntech regards its ability to satisfy customers as the core value of its team. To this end, a professional customer service team was built to act as a communication bridge between customers and Suntech. It is exactly this sound and excellent management mechanism that imprints Suntech Quality on customers’ memory and makes Suntech the most trusted PV manufacturer in the world.

Source: Suntech


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