Suntech Held Customer Workshop in Poland

Recently, Suntech’s sales and marketing team held a workshop for distributor executives and business customers together with SP in Szczecin, Poland.

The workshop kicked off with a company presentation by Suntech. The sales team introduced the company’s global business, prospects and analysis of the market in Europe and in Poland. The customers also expressed their understanding and opinions about the PV technology development in Poland. The differentiated and localized quality products received strong recognition from the customers present. The workshop ended with a Q&A session. There was a thorough communication between the two sides, and the customers shared the characteristics of local markets and services. At the same time, Suntech representatives listened carefully to the customers’ suggestions for improvement and said they would continue to optimize the pre- and after-sales services. In addition, customers have showed a strong interest in Suntech’s new products.

A distributor executive said, “The exchange activity has greatly enhanced Suntech’s brand identity among the teams as well as the ability to coordinate the work between us. The face-to-face interaction and real-time Q&A have shortened the distance due to cultural and regional differences.”

According to Polish utility Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne (PSE) the total capacity of photovoltaic installations in Poland increased by 131,6 MW in the first quarter of this year and amounted to 603 MW at the end of March 2019. Last year, PSE recorded photovoltaic systems operating with a total capacity of 471,4 MW, says the non-governmental renewable energy association Stowarzyszenie Energii Odnawialnej (SEO).

Suntech has set itself a customer-oriented company philosophy since its establishment in 2001. The collaboration within the iron triangle system of sales, technical and marketing in Eastern Europe was a solid step forward in serving distributors and customers by Suntech.

After several years´ efforts, Suntech has been accounting for approximately 15% of the solar market in Poland, providing solar products to more than 80 countries, exceeding shipments over 18 GW globally. Suntech will coordinate the resources and give all-out support to core distributors worldwide.

SP in Szczecin, Poland

SP is the first Polish manufacturer of electric heating elements (since 1932), and one of the first manufacturers PV modules in Poland. In order to improve its production and products, SP cooperates with various scientific organisations (including the West Pomeranian University of Technology; Warsaw University of Technology; Institute of Precision Mechanics). Since 2012, SP has been organising regular practical and theoretical training sessions on photovoltaic technologies.


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