Suntech Expands Its High-efficiency Module Production Capacity by 1.5GW in Wuxi

PVTIME – On August 1st, Suntech announced that the 1.5GW high-efficiency module expansion in the Wuxi module manufacturing facility was officially put into production.

With a total investment of 490 million RMB, the new 1.5GW high-standard smart module manufacturing facility which covers an area of 150,000 square meters has been set up. The newly installed equipment will improve the production efficiency for modules. At present, Suntech’s new production line has covered all mainstream technologies for products in the market. It is compatible with multi-busbar cells of various formats from 166mm to 182mm, fitting 78-cell solar modules, as well as the upgrade space for 210mm large format cells. Suntech will keep upgrading the Wuxi manufacturing facility with intelligent technology later this year, and is committed to creating a national pilot demonstration project of intelligent manufacturing and a national project of intelligent manufacturing with comprehensive standardization and application of new modes, which will enable the Wuxi manufacturing facility to achieve AI intelligent inspection and IV automatic testing and other technological improvements.

At the commissioning ceremony, Mr. Jun Tang, president of Suntech, said, “As a long-established PV company, it is time for Suntech to upgrade to advanced production capacity. The expansion of the Wuxi manufacturing facility is the first step in our steady growth strategy, which will be added 8.5GW of advanced capacity to our four factories this year. We are not just striving to be big, but to be strong. The ‘strong’ is reflected in how to provide customers with reliable products. We are expanding at a steady pace and following our goals for brand strategy.”

Since its establishment in 2001, Suntech has experienced twenty years of development and achieved great success in the renewable energy industry. Suntech has been developing with good momentum these years. Supported by the excellent brand reputation globally, the export scale has increased year by year, and shipments have reached new highs. As of the first quarter of this year, Suntech has a cumulative shipment of more than 22GW of PV modules to 100 countries, the shipments ranked top 10 among all brands in the solar energy sector globally. In the second half of the year, Suntech will continue to integrate the resources of the group. Based on current production capacity, new manufacturing facilities will be set up in Changzhou, Zhenjiang, Yangzhou and others. The realization of higher target production capacity will further satisfy the global PV market’s demand for high-quality, high-reliability PV modules, thus enhancing the competitiveness of Suntech’s PV modules in global markets.