Sungrow Signs a 100mw Supply Agreement With YUASA During Japan’s World Smart Energy Week 2020

PVTIME – Sungrow, the global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, signed a 100MW agreement with the reputed Japanese group YUASA to distribute comprehensive PV and energy storage solutions across Japan during World Smart Energy Week 2020, expanding its market position in developing renewable energy and decarbonizing the local economies.

Sungrow Signs a 100MW Supply Agreement with YUASA at Japan’s World Smart Energy Week 2020

YUASA is a Japan based company with over 300-year company heritage. “It’s another landmark cooperation for us to communicate closely to provide competitive solutions based on local needs in Japan. Sungrow stands out due to its optimal products and the comprehensive service when we take an in-depth comparison,” said a spokesperson from YUASA.

“We are more than delighted to partner with YUASA to better serve the local customers in this market of huge potentials. We’ll keep relentlessly pursuing technical innovations to minimize LCOE and offering more profitable portfolio despite the ongoing FiT,” said Sun Xiao, Country Manager of Sungrow Japan.

At the show, the Company displayed a progressive technological product portfolio including commercial inverter solutions for distributed PV projects, turnkey central inverter solutions for utility-scale installations and energy storage system solutions as well.

Optimized to address the Japanese growing demands on distributed PV plants, Sungrow’s commercial solution SG100CX-JP was debuted at the show. Equipped with 12 MPPTs, the 1000V solution, is compatible with bi-facial modules and enables optimal performance in complex terrains. It’s also resilient to harsh conditions armed with a IP66 and C5 corrosion class protection. With built-in PID recovery function, the solution maintains unprecedented yields for solar plants.

Given the power constrictions caused by natural disasters like typhoons and earthquakes, the energy storage is vital to stabilize the renewable energy supply in Japan. Sungrow’s integrated energy storage systems (ESS) on display include AC-Coupled solution ST159KWH-50HV and DC-Coupled solution ST751KWH-D350+SG49K5J for C&I applications, which can meet the demand of peak shaving or guaranteeing 24 hours of continuous power yields. The containerized solutions can minimize the equipment footprint, enable friendly O&M and overall cost-saving. With over 900 application cases, Sungrow ESS is increasingly experiencing higher demands by customers worldwide.

Since its Japan branch was established in 2014, Sungrow has made big moves in this vibrant market with considerable landmark projects supplied, such as over 50MWh ESS solutions across Japan, 9MW PV project in Tochigi and 2MW PV project in Oita.