Sungrow Forges a Distribution Agreement with Krannich Solar during the 2022 World Smart Energy Week

PVTIME – Sungrow, the global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, on March 18 announced its establishment of a distribution agreement with the Krannich Solar during the 2022 World Smart Energy Week. The Krannich Solar will be Sungrow’s major distributor in the Japanese renewable energy market. This agreement allows the two companies to better supply renewable projects across Japan and explore more cooperative opportunities in a vast range of fields.

Krannich Solar is a photovoltaic wholesaler that has been active in the photovoltaic market since 1995. Through having Krannich as a distributor, Sungow will provide its comprehensive PV plus ESS solutions for Japanese customers in multi-level segments. As a result of this partnership, C&I inverters like Sungrow’s SG49.5CX-JP, SG100CX-JP, SG125HX-JP, Energy Storage System ST159KWH-50HV, and the newest residential product — the SH5.5RS-JP will now reach more customers in Japan.

Michael Zhang, Country Head of Sungrow Japan, stated, “The Krannich Solar has been doing well in the solar industry for about 27 years. It is able to fully satisfy the needs of local and global customers. Sungrow values the Krannich Solar as its most important Japanese partner. This partnership perfectly enhances Sungrow’ s commitment to serve the growing C&I and residential customers in Japan. We will endeavour to offer our best products and services to honor our collaboration.”

Japan leads the global renewable energy industry in terms of technological advancements and innovations. However, due to its largely mountainous geography as well as unique grid requirement, it faces certain challenges to further scale up its renewable energy development. However, a good trend is that the residential and C&I market are demonstrating momentum and the installation is rapidly evolving. Sungrow has been well aware of its huge potential and is proactively strategizing this growing market. Relying on the distribution partnership as well as the comprehensive solutions for multi-application scenarios, Sungrow wishes to seek further progress in Japan.