Shanghai Electric Resumes Major International Projects, Empowered by “Desert Roses”

PVTIME – Shanghai Electric Group (“Shanghai Electric” or “the Company”), the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of power generation and industrial equipment, one-stop energy solution provider,  has resumed construction at majority of its International projects including the 700 MW CSP + 250MW PV Hybrid Project in Dubai, the Pancevo Gas Turbine Combine Cycle Power Plant in Southeastern Europe, and Sylhet 225MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant Project in Bangladesh.

As the world’s most comprehensive single-site CSP project, its core building solar collector tower that has just completed topping-out in January 2020, Dubai 700 MW CSP + 250MW PV Hybrid project concentrated solar power plant has been speeding up its construction to meet the commercial operation deadline in August 2021.

To overcome the challenges of the outbreak of the Coronavirus, Shanghai Electric has launched a video-conferencing and telecommunications solution to streamline communications between the local branch and the Design Institute.

Since January this year, Shanghai Electric has worked with local partners to establish a specialist virus prevention and control team to protect staff while working on-site. The local-hired personnel received fact sheets and advisory handbooks with on-site safety training in both English and Arabic.

Mr. Abunayyan, Chairman of ACWA Power, has commended the achievement of the government of China in controlling and managing effectively the widespread of Coronavirus. He also emphasized the achievement of Shanghai Electric in controlling the project site and working on mitigation actions for possible damages and to catch up with work schedule.

“Readiness is the outcome of preparedness, therefore it’s significant for Shanghai Electric to allocate resources, deliver timely training, and build a system to improve operational capacity based on risk assessments.” Said Zhao Hui, the manager of Dubai project. As part of the system, the UNESCO’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is implemented across all projects conducted by Shanghai Electric, with Shanghai Electric Dubai holding regular HSE safety drills for unforeseen events.

The project has also recruited an additional 903 local employees in construction and management positions in response to a reduction of on-site staff as a result of global travel restrictions.

“We are likely to go ahead of the timetable in extending local talent pool as an outcome of the epidemic outbreak. ” said Zhao Hui.

“People are the main force for resuming to normal work. There are 70 Chinese workers who remain working on-site amid the virus outbreak and 10 of them are female. I am particularly grateful to the female workers as they are the well-deserved “desert roses” who entirely act out the spirit of #Each for Equal” said Zhao Hui.

There are 24 female workers in the Dubai project and almost half of them remain working on-site during the epidemic outbreak.

“I choose to stay despite the fear.” Said Guo Liming, engineer of Dubai project, also one of the female workers remain on site in Dubai project. ” Our team has been working to turn the desert into oasis and I am proud to be part of it “.

In Shanghai Electric, 19.9 percentage of the positions are held by women, which is surpassing the global female participation rate in the industry at 12% as shown in “The Future of Women at Work” report by consultancy firm McKinsey.

“Shanghai Electric recently launched a commendable contribution campaign to help those in need at China. We as a project team has been stronger than ever before, fighting the unfortunate turn of events with all necessary control measures in place. Alone, we can do so little but together we can do so much”, said Amreena, the HSE engineer in Dubai.