SEG Solar Releases ALPINE N Series Modules, Pioneering the 700W+ Solar Revolution

PVTIME – SEG Solar (SEG), a leading U.S. producer of photovoltaic (PV) modules for the utility, commercial, and residential markets, launched its new ALPINE N series modules at a grand ceremony held at the 2024 GENERA exhibition in Madrid, Spain, on February 7th.

The SEG ALPINE N series modules incorporate cutting-edge technologies, including N-type TOPCon cells, 210*210mm large silicon wafers, Super Multi-busbar (SMBB) design, and nondestructive cutting. With a module power of 700W and an efficiency of 22.53%, the series provides key advantages: high efficiency, high power output, high energy yield, high reliability, high bifaciality, and a low-temperature coefficient, BoS, and LCOE.

The new series modules aim to offer customers an exceptional product experience with outstanding all-around performance. Using SMBB technology, the modules reduce internal electrical losses and enhance optical utilization. The non-destructive cutting process minimizes damage to solar cells, lowering the risk of hidden cracks and improving manufacturing yield. The design includes a small gap between cells, reducing the distance from 2mm to 0.6mm, resulting in a 0.2-0.3% increase in module efficiency.

Drawing on its extensive technical expertise, SEG conducted thorough research on the challenges of terminal application scenarios, aiming to enhance product reliability in real-world usage. Compared to PERC modules of the same capacity, the ALPINE N series can reduce BoS costs by 1.4% to 2.8% and consequently lower the LCOE. With first-year degradation as low as 1%, linear degradation reducing to 0.4% annually, and a 15-year material warranty along with a 30-year power warranty, customers can expect longer-term energy output and return on investment.