SC New Energy Technology Corporation’s HJT Pilot Line Officially Online

PVTIME – Last week, SC New Energy Technology Corporation announced that the first high-efficiency HJT cell produced by its Changzhou Research Institute successfully rolled off the assembly line, marking the successful commissioning of the project.

Construction of SC New Energy’s Changzhou Research Institute HJT pilot line took only 50 days from the mobilization of the first equipment on June 1 to the successful production of the first cell on July 20.

The Changzhou Research Institute is a technology platform that specializes in the research and development of new advanced solar cell technologies to support the research and development and verification of domestic innovative equipment including JJV and promote the progress of the industry. The Institute is composed of senior industry experts from China, the United States, and Japan, and its professional capabilities cover the HJT cell technology ecosystem.

SC New Energy has taken a completely independent research and development route for the pilot line’s HJT equipment and processes. All processing equipment is independently developed by SC New Energy and they hold intellectual property rights to all. SC New Energy believes it has the ability to continuously improve the conversion efficiency of HJT cells through its equipment and technology research efforts which will bring about low-cost HJT equipment within China.