Sakuraenergy Develops All-New Generation System, PARASOLA for Renewable Energy Occupying Only One Square Meter to Produce Home Electricity

TOKYO, Sept. 17, 2019 — Sakuraenergy Co., Ltd. announced that it has developed an all-new generation system for renewable energy, “PARASOLA,” equipped with a motor power generator/power storage battery package that supplies electricity around the clock.

By combining energy saving, creation and storage as well as efficiency optimization in one system, PARASOLA supplies more energy while consuming less energy than conventional power generating systems.

“PARASOLA Residence” for home use is designed to provide a maximum 24kW per day, enough to cover the electricity needed by the average household in Japan and most areas overseas. Equipped with high-efficiency photovoltaic cells, it occupies just one square meter of space. With a built-in battery, PARASOLA can provide electricity 24 hours a day. Introducing PARASOLA may not only help solve power shortages around the world but also create a new energy environment where electricity is available anytime, anywhere.

Having developed the PARASOLA prototype, Sakuraenergy is now promoting further product development while discussing business development opportunities and alliances at home and abroad. Sakuraenergy plans to globally market the product by the end of 2020.

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Main Features and Potentials of PARASOLA; creating new energy environment and future with new technology invented in Japan

1) An all-new system designed to save, create and store energy simultaneously and effectively.

2) Supplying almost the same amount of electricity as conventional solar systems — stably and unaffected by the weather — while occupying a space only 1/10 -1/20 of theirs. PARASOLA does not require a large footprint. With its built-in battery, PARASOLA provides electricity 24 hours a day stably and unaffected by the weather.

3) Rooftops, balconies, verandas, etc. Utilizing new locations for power generation. PARASOLA, requiring a compact space, realizes power generation where it has not been managed or even thought of.

4) Potentially realizing worldwide energy saving through applying the PARASOLA technology and system to a wide range of equipment from air conditioners, EVs to large-scale industrial generation systems. It also helps promote “RE100,” a 2014 global initiative committing influential businesses to 100% renewable electricity.

Source: Sakuraenergy Co., Ltd.


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