Jolywood to Power Full-electric Heavy Truck With Solar Energy Storage System

SUZHOU, China, Sept. 12, 2019 -- Jolywood (Suzhou) Sunwatt Co ("Jolywood"), China's leading PV modules manufacturer, unveiled today its solar energy storage system with the launch of the full electric heavy truck manufactured by Breton. Fueling the emerging electric trucks sector, Jolywood has driven substantial growth in the Internet of Energy (IoE) sector, making renewable energy more accessible.

Together with Breton, Jolywood presented the full-electric heavy truck and its smart energy system at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference ("WAIC") held from August 29-31 in Shanghai.
WAIC is the world's most significant event for the tech industry,
welcoming over 400 global companies, including Alibaba and Huawei.

"Powering by solar and wind plus energy storage system is integrated
by automation and the internet. Become a significant green alternative
to gas-guzzling trucks," said Mr Meng from Breton.

Powered by Jolywood's PV energy
system, the full-electric heavy vehicle, or e-truck is powered by clean
energy supplied by the PV power generation station and wind turbine. The
system makes clean energy widely accessible and highly efficient.

Heavy trucks usually need to take long routes with large loads; the
full-electric heavy vehicle makes these journeys less arduous and less
polluting. The PV module used in the system is the JW-T60N N-type
monocrystalline high-efficiency bifacial paving module developed by
Jolywood. In addition to advanced performance features of the Jolywood
N-type module, such as high conversion efficiency, the module is
equipped with Jolywood's groundbreaking transparent mesh backsheet,
which significantly reduces the weight of the module. For heavy-duty
trucks, the lightweight installation translates into a reduction in
load, power consumption and an increase in distance.

In addition to making excellent use of new energy, the Breton
full-electric heavy-truck is controlled by a self-driving system. The
two features together show the rise and importance of the Internet of
Energy trend. According to Chen Fangming, chairman of Breton, the future
for energy will be electrical, low-carbon and intelligent. And it is
the Internet that integrates every sector. In that sense, a new and
smart future for energy has just started from an all-electric trip begun
by Jolywood and Breton.


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