Risen invested $30 million in Australia solar projects

Risen announced that since the company Risen-new energy (Hong Kong) co., LTD., used its own funds $30 million to invest in its wholly owned subsidiary of Risen -new energy investment (Australia) co., LTD., this investment would all use for the investment of “Australia Risen”to its subsidiary Golden Sunrise Developments Pty Ltd, after the completion of the investment, the total investment of Golden Sunrise will up to$35 million, “Australia Risen” proportion of shares held will be 92.14%.

This project is a Melbourne, Australia photovoltaic building integrated project, the construction site is located in the center of Australian city of Melbourne, significant traffic location, large flow of people, as its original ideas of solar energy and building cohesive, equipped with intelligent energy-saving LED lighting system, the project’s construction has a very positive demonstration significance on optimizing energy structure, protect the environment, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote and advance the use of solar energy photovoltaic industry and LED terminal application industry.


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