Renewable Subsidiary to Be Set by Haimo Oil&gas Equip and Tech Provider

PVTIME -On 20 February 2024, Haimo Technologies Group Corp. (Haimo Technologies, 300084.SZ), a China-based company that primarily provides oil and gas field technology services and environmental protection equipment, announced the exciting news of establishing a new wholly-owned subsidiary for renewable energy business. We are thrilled to see Haimo Technologies Group Corp. expanding its business into the renewable energy sector!

The company was launched in Beijing with a registered capital of 50 million yuan. It will be involved in renewable energy-related businesses, such as manufacturing new energy equipment, power generation technology, energy storage technology, and the sale of wind farm and offshore wind power-related equipment. Additionally, it will manufacture and sell photovoltaic products and equipment, and lease photovoltaic power generation equipment.

Haimo Technologies plans to expand its business by investing in and operating photovoltaic and wind power plants, as well as promoting hydrogen energy. This will diversify its business and enhance its overall strength.

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