PVTIME Visits TBEA at SNEC 2021

PVTIME – PVTIME stops by TBEA’s exhibit at SNEC 2021 and talks to Solar Solutions Manager Wenjian Zhao about its string inverter solution.

TBEA unveiled its new generation 1500V 300KW+ string inverter solution: the TS315KTL-HV and the TS330KTL-HV which support 24 input channels and 12 MPPT channels, and are said to be suitable with high powered modules of both 182mm and 210mm. TBEA is promoting a 4MW sub-array solution using the new 300KW+ string inverter solutions. Compared with the traditional 3.15MW sub-array, the construction cost of 4MW sub-array solution is reduced by 2.36%, the cable cost is reduced by 0.36%, the installation cost is reduced by 0.16%, and the operation and maintenance cost is reduced by 1.62%, the power generation is increased by 0.7%, and the comprehensive power cost is reduced by 1%, which is the design trend of the future power station.