PV Project for North Lincolnshire Homes

Henry Boot Construction installed 700 SolarRiver inverters from Samil Power to use on their North Lincolnshire Homes project.

The Samil Power SolarRiver series of grid-tied inverters are especially designed for residential solar PV systems.
Henry Boot Construction’s Renewables Division is delivering a further 163 photovoltaic panel installations to properties in the Scunthorpe area.
The project aims to help reduce energy bills for residents; residents are predicted to save over £100 on their energy bills per year from the scheme, as well as making a great impact on the environment.
Neil Webster, Head of regeneration said: “A warm, dry home is a basic necessity and the installation of solar panels is just the latest in a raft of measures we are taking to address the issues of home energy efficiency, now and in the future.”

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