ET Solar PV System Weathers Hurricane Sandy

While 75+ mph winds and torrential rain from Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc and caused significant property damage throughout the Northeast, two major commercial solar systems installed in Harleysville (510 kWp) and Lansdale, Pa. (409 KWp) that use ET Solar modules sustained no damage at all.

The Harleysville PV installation, generating power since the middle of 2011, incorporates 1860 ET Solar 72-cell poly-crystalline modules, and the Lansdale system has 1461 modules. High quality control and robust construction of the module, as well as close attention to installation details by Tecta Solar contributed to the system’s ability to ride out the storm “damage free.”

“Tecta Solar made inspections promptly after the storm,” said Ken Beiser, managing director of Tecta Solar. “We found two T-clips had worked loose, and a number of slip sheets had moved, but both of the systems were producing at 100 percent as soon as grid power returned. At Harleysville that was three days after the storm! ET Solar’s panels were all present, secure and producing power. The rooftop systems are 28 to 40 feet above street-level. Cutoffs assure that when grid power is down, no power is back-fed to the grid.”

ET solar Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of ET Solar Group Corp., offers 24X7 Tech and sales support to the U.S. market, with two established sales offices and warehouses in California and New Jersey, ET solar can offer customers quick response such as in/out field technical support and worry free product replacement.

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Tecta Solar is a turnkey developer of commercial and utility-scale solar photovoltaic projects with over 42 MWp installed nationwide. Our experts handle everything from development and financing options to installation and ongoing maintenance of roof, ground and canopy mounted solar. Our experience ranges from executing and delivering on our PPAs to large utilities to working with schools, corporations, real estate businesses, and non-profit institutions.


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