Proposals for Standardised Module Size from 9 Major Module Manufacturers

PVTIME – The sizes of solar modules have been varied by manufacturers for a long time. Recently, nine major module manufacturers in the world, namely LONGi, Trina, Risen, Tongwei, Canadian Solar, Jinko, JA Solar, Astronergy and DAS Solar, have agreed on 2382mm*1134mm as the size of the new generation of rectangular silicon modules. They also propose that current and future 182 series modules and 210 series modules should be designed in the same size according to T/CPIA 0003-2022 Technical Specification for Crystalline Silicon Terrestrial Photovoltaic Module Dimensions and Mounting Holes, a standard developed by the China Photovoltaic Industry Association (CPIA) (chinapv.

The chaos in the PV market related to different module sizes, including cost, packaging, transportation, installation and design, is expected to be gradually resolved with the new standard sizes, leading to lower LCOE and benefits for both suppliers and customers. The standard size 2382mm*1134mm modules not only have 30W more power each than similar products on the market, but also achieve 98.5% utilisation of container space. Meanwhile, the standard module long side vertical hole spacing of 400mm/790mm/1400mm will positively reduce material wastage, system costs and installation difficulties.

In addition, the nine key players established a Photovoltaic Module Dimension Standardisation Seminar Group to facilitate regular communication and cooperation, promote the standardisation of dimensions for other variants of the new generation of rectangular silicon wafer modules, and promote the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry.

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