More Than Black, SEG Solar Introduces YUKON TOPCon Black Diamond Series Module

PVTIME – SEG Solar Inc. (SEG), a leading photovoltaic module manufacturer in the United States, has recently launched its latest product, the YUKON TOPCon Black Diamond Series module. This series offers distributed users exclusive high-value products with its unique full-black aesthetics, lightweight and efficient performance, and excellent quality.

Full-black aesthetics, captivating attention

The YUKON TOPCon Black Diamond Series module embodies an industrial-grade aesthetic appearance with its unique all-black design. This design not only enables seamless integration into various residential rooftops but also provides an exceptional residential photovoltaic experience, perfectly fulfilling customers’ pursuit of high-quality modules.

Lightweight and efficient, powering excellence

The YUKON TOPCon Black Diamond Series module showcases outstanding performance capabilities. Utilizing the latest 182mm TOPCon cell technology, half-cell technology, and super multi-busbar (SMBB) technology, the module delivers a remarkable power output of up to 440W and achieve a conversion efficiency of 22.53%. It offers a highly valuable and optimal choice for a wide range of distributed customers. Moreover, the YUKON TOPCon Black Diamond Series module features an innovative 1.6mm lightweight glass material, reducing weight by approximately 15% compared to conventional 2.0mm modules. This innovative design significantly reduces the weight burden during transportation and installation, resulting in cost savings, reduced labor and equipment requirements, and improved installation efficiency and flexibility.

Strong output, winning through quality 

The YUKON TOPCon Black Diamond Series module inherits the advantages of SEG’s innovative product family, with high reliability and durability. The module has a first-year degradation rate of approximately 1% and a linear degradation rate of less than 0.4% per year, ensuring higher value throughout its lifecycle. The modules offer a 30-year product warranty and a power output warranty, which is longer than the industry average, to give customers more trustworthy product guarantees.

“Not only does the YUKON TOPCon Black Diamond Series module possess a striking design, but it also achieves innovative breakthroughs in performance,” said Jim Wood, CEO of SEG. “SEG is dedicated to delivering high-quality, high-performance solar solutions, driving the development of clean energy worldwide.”

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Houston, Texas, SEG Solar is an internationally recognized U.S. manufacturer with a full integrated supply chain to produce high-quality solar modules. SEG Solar will expand its global capacity to over 5.5GW in 2024. By the end of 2022, more than 2GW of SEG Solar products were installed in the U.S., and European markets.