Product insurance secures globalization of Chinese inverter manufacturer Jiangsu GoodWe signed agreement with US Chubb insurance group

The Chinese PV modules have taken half of the world’s market, but the inverters occupied a very low market share. Apart from geographic limitations, there are still many doubts regarding its product quality and after-sale services.

Technically, Chinese inverters have already reached world’s leading level. However it is critical that Chinese inverter manufactures have to change the world’s inherent thinking, obtain trust and protect owner’s investment maximally. The experience of Jiangsu GoodWe can be used for reference in the industry.

On April 2012, Jiangsu GoodWe signed an agreement with US Chubb Group of Insurance Company to insure its solar inverters worldwide, thus became the first Chinese company who signed agreement with global insurance group. Based on Chubb Group global network, customers are able to find its local office and get corresponding amount claims if any loss caused due to machine application. Apart from reliable product quality, worldwide insurance will increase security for PV system investors.

As known, US Chubb Group of Insurance Company is one of the largest non-life insurance companies, which is also one of the four listed insurance companies in US. At present, Chubb has more than 120 offices in 27 countries worldwide; its service covers Asia, Europe, Oceania, North and South America. Professional assessors and technical experts from Chubb carried out comprehensive assessment on GoodWe quality management system and signed an agreement with GoodWe afterwards.


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