POWERCHINA Releases Shortlisted Bidders of Its 2022 Module Tender

PVTIME – On January 18, POWERCHINA announced the shortlisted bidders for its 2022 module tender. The bidding consisted of 4 packages for a combined capacity of 7.5GW.

The Top5 PV module companies (LONGi, JA Solar, Jinko, Trina Solar and Canadian Solar) were shortlisted in four packages, and the biding prices are highlighted in following table.​

The highest price of the four packages is 1.91 yuan/W, the lowest is 1.75 yuan/W. Although the quotations of TOP5 companies are no longer collectively at the highest end, their quotations are still higher than those of Tier 2 and 3 module companies, according to the biding prices.

The data shows that in Package 1 the prices of 166mm monofacial modules are 1.75-1.88 yuan/W,  in Package 2 the prices of 182mm+ monofacial modules are 1.75-1.89 yuan/W, in Package 3 the prices of 166mm bifacial modules are 1.78-1.91 yuan/W, and the prices of 182mm+ bifacial modules are 1.78-1.91 yuan/W in Package 4.