Popsolar Rolls Out TOPCon Cell from PI Production Project and Expands PII for IBC

PVTIME – A ceremony was held by Popsoalr Technology (Taixing) Co., Ltd, a high-tech company mainly engaged in the research and development of advanced n-type solar cells including TOPCon and IBC, for the commissioning of the first phase of its TOPCon solar cell and the expansion of the second phase.

This particular project is located in Taixing City, Jiangsu Province, China, with a production capacity of 2GW of TOPCon cell in the first phase and 10GW of TOPCon 2.0 and IBC cells. The completed first phase adopts innovative PBS management system, SolarCell-OS and IPD R&D sysment to ensure cell quality and efficiency. With the support of advanced LPCVD double-insertion process, the conversion efficiency of solar cells in mass production is expected to reach 25.2% within three months of operation. Then it is planned to achieve a conversion efficiency of 26.5% in TOPCon cell mass production with various advanced processes such as laser SE in 2024.

The company is growing rapidly and is poised to become a leading manufacturer for the mass production of new generation low-cost BC cells.With the support of the three systems of Pulok Lean Innovation Management System (PBS), Pulok Solar Cell-OS and Pulok IPD R&D system, Pulok Technology can grasp the historic opportunity of switching from P-type to N-type in the PV cell industry, grow bigger and stronger quickly, and may even become the leading cell of the new generation with the premise of rapid mass production of low-cost BC cells.

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