Official Launch of SOFARSOLAR Global Service System Aiming at Providing Better Service for Global Customers

SOFARSOLAR – Recently, Global service system of Sofarsolar has been officially announced to launch. By then, users all over the world can easily and quickly access to online quality assurance service inquiry and application, after-sales problems online feedback and solutions through this system. Therefore, it will fundamentally solve the problems that cannot be fully covered regarding customers and services in different countries and regions. For Sofarsolar, the new journey of service globalization will also formally set sail from here, and at the same time it will set up a new benchmark for the healthy development of global inverter services.

Since established, Sofarsolar has been always adhering to the escalating consumer experience, starting from the customers and creatively providing valuable service for the customers. Now it has formed service centers and networks radiating in more than 60 countries and regions all over the world like China, Poland, Australia, Italy, Netherlands, India, Vietnam, Brazil, South Korea and other countries.

With its continuous cultivation in the global market, the depth and breadth of service network needs more comprehensive promotion. From the end of 2019, the offline service center of Sofarsolar has been promoted to the construction and at the same time the online service work is actively completed and distributed relying on the big data of the company to take the lead in launching global service system in the industry, aiming at improving service efficiency and quality globally and improving service customer depth and breadth.

At present, the service system of Sofarsolar has four functions: online authorization of global cooperation service providers, quality assurance inquiry, online after-sales service and online extended warranty service.

I. Application Function of Online Authorization of Global Cooperation Service Providers

The online authorization function of global cooperation service providers mainly focuses on qualified and professional service teams and companies from all over the world who are interested in becoming local strategic cooperation service partners of Sofarsolar. After qualification examination and authorization, the cooperation service providers will form a strong service alliance with the global service center of Sofarsolar to provide customers with more timely and convenient services locally.

II. Quality Assurance Inquiry Function

Users can independently inquire the starting time of the quality assurance by virtue of the serial number of machine of Sofarsolar, identify the authenticity of the machine, and generate the electronic quality assurance service form online, with which they can enjoy the corresponding product quality assurance and services from Sofarsolar.

III. Online After-sales Service Function

Users can submit and consult online for after-sales problems through the online after-sales service function. Sofarsolar will give timely feedback and solutions as per users’ problems, which greatly improves service efficiency and service quality. 

IV. Online Extended Warranty Service Function

Users can independently apply for the extended warranty service through the online extended warranty function. The system will generate the extended warranty service form and issue the extended premium through big data identification, and users can make relevant payments and operations of the extended warranty service in accordance with the instructions.

In addition, the system also has the function of service promotion and other activities, which can better improve the use experience of consumers.

With the launching of the global service system of Sofarsolar, it forms service force in collaboration with its offline service center and the local service providers and accordingly enhances the service efficiency and quality, which truly realizing the goal of “Worry About What Customers Worry About and Do What They Really Need Urgently” to convoy for the global customers and strive to become a proud partner of global customers.