Neoen Wins 130.3 MWp in Solar Projects in France

PVTIME – Neoen (ISIN: FR0011675362, ticker: NEOEN), one of the world’s leading and fastest-growing producers of exclusively renewable energy is announcing that it has been awarded 130.3 MWp in the call for tenders for ground-based solar farms held by the French government (“CRE 4.10”). The 130.3 MWp is split between 9 projects from 4.0 to 42.8 MWp. In line with the company’s business model, Neoen is the majority shareholder.

Six out of nine plants are to be built on rehabilitated land such as former quarries, landfill sites or former aerodromes, illustrating Neoen’s ability to develop projects on degraded sites.

The nine projects are mainly located in the southwest (Nouvelle Aquitaine) and east (Grand Est) regions of France with also projects in Indre-et-Loire, the North and in Sarthe. They demonstrate Neoen’s ability to develop projects throughout France. Neoen values working hand in hand with local officials and stakeholders to develop projects. The plants are scheduled to be commissioned in 2023.

At 42.8 MWp, the Romilly solar plant in Aube in the Grand Est region will be one of Neoen’s largest in France. Built on the site of a former military aerodrome, the project was developed by the local Neoen team in less than two years. In the same region, the 6.7 MWp Lorraine Airport plant will produce energy from solar car-park shelters. Together, the plants will produce enough green electricity to cover the annual consumption of some 20,000 inhabitants, heating included, thereby contributing to the region’s energy transition goals.

In the southwest (Landes, Nouvelle-Aquitaine), the 13-MWp Labouheyre project located on a formal wood store takes Neoen’s total operating power in the Landes département to 70 Mwp. Also in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the Poullignac plant in Charente is built on a former landfill site. These projects take the number of Neoen solar parks in the region to 18.

Neoen has been awarded a total of 494.9 MWp in solar energy production in the course of the French government’s CRE 4 programme. In addition, the company won 8 MWp in the December 2020 CRE Innovation and 66 MWp in the 2018 CRE Bi-technologique, which allocated the most capacity to Neoen. In the past five years, Neoen has won 568.9 MWp in French solar government tenders.

Guillaume Decaen, French Development Director, commented: “All nine projects submitted won their tenders, which illustrates Neoen’s leadership in France. The 130.3 MWp allocation is the largest Neoen has been awarded to date in a French government solar energy tender, making a total of 500 MWp over the course of the CRE 4. I would like to thank our local partners for their trust, and the teams of our five regional offices whose relations established with local stakeholders led to this success.”

Xavier Barbaro, Neoen’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, added: “These results see us remaining steadfast in our position as the number one independent solar energy company in France. As the government recently stated, France has enormous potential for solar energy, which will play a pivotal part in the country’s energy transition. Neoen is in an ideal position to play a leading role in the transition thanks to our expertise and the quality of our projects and we are looking forward to stepping up our development in France.”