MOFCOM Spokesman Commented on Implementing Consensus Reached by Chinese and Germen Leaders on Settling Trade Friction in PV Industry

On August 30, in the second round of China-Germany governmental consultations, Premier Wen Jiabao and the visiting German Chancellor Angela Merkel reached consensus on opposing trade protectionism, solving trade frictions including frictions in PV industry, through dialogue and consultations, and avoiding anti-dumping and anti-subsidy.

Shen Danyang, the spokesman with the Ministry of Commerce, commented that China and Germany should positively implement the consensus reached by the premiers of the two countries, and vigorously promote the proper settlement of trade disputes of PV products through consultation and cooperation. China urged the EU to listen to opinions from all parties and carry out the promise of avoiding any new form of protectionism at the G20 Los Cabos summit, and that the EU should not implement any trade protectionist measures against Chinese products.

Shen pointed out that under the grim world economic situation, the conduct of misuse of trade remedy measures is not favorable for the settlement of trade frictions, and will affect the two sides and undermine the process of world economic recovery.

Shen stressed that, China has always advocated addressing problems arising from industrial development and bilateral trade, through encouraging and supporting dialogue and cooperation between the industrial circles, so as to strive for a win-win result. Currently, as developing and utilizing renewable energy becomes a global consensus, all nations should strengthen cooperation in this field and promote the more extensive application of PV energy in the world. Chinese Ministry of Commerce would like to create conditions and establish platforms to promote cooperation in the industry among all nations.


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