EU Prosun accuses Chinese solar CEOs of spreading misinformation

06.09.2012: EU ProSun, the SolarWorld-led coalition that filed an antidumping complaint in July against Chinese solar producers, claims that an editorial published in German media earlier this week distorts the truth. In the editorial, the heads of Suntech, Yingli Green Energy, Trina Solar and Canadian Solar argue that antidumping measures called for in Europe will not only harm Chinese companies but will damage the solar industry as a whole. The four CEOs claim that such punitive measures would lead to job losses and a rise in photovoltaic (PV) prices throughout Europe. Those arguments are “old and wrong,” counters EU ProSun spokesman Milan Nitzschke. Speaking to PHOTON, Nitzschke emphasized that none of the companies behind the trade complaint are interested in raising PV prices or slowing down the development of solar energy. On the contrary, Nitzschke says, “Only with fair competition can we secure long-term cost and price reductions in the market and achieve grid parity in Europe.” Nitzschke went on to accuse Chinese solar producers of wanting to use their state-supported dumping strategy to establish an oligopoly in the solar market. This, according to Nitzschke, would allow them to manipulate and determine PV prices. The European Commission is expected to announce this week whether it will accept EU ProSun’s trade complaint. If it does, the commission will file a formal complaint with the World Trade Organization. Source: PHOTON


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