Ministry of Finance: All Compliant Photovoltaic and Wind Power Projects Will Be Included Into the Subsidy List

PVTIME – A few days ago, the Ministry of Finance issued the “Notice on Accelerating the Review of the List of Renewable Energy Power Generation Subsidy Projects.”

According to the notice, the ministry will review its backlog of renewables projects and incorporate them into the subsidy list in batches. All compliant renewable projects that have completed the necessary filing procedure and completed the full-capacity grid connection in 2006 and later will be registered into the subsidy list.

The notice was also issued simultaneously with the “Measures for Determining Full-Capacity Grid Connection Time of Renewable Energy Power Generation Projects.” According to the notice, the feed-in tariff for full-capacity connected projects shall be determined by local energy regulators and grid operators. For projects connected in batches, the tariff shall be determined according to the actual time each batch completed grid connection.

Projects can only be included in the subsidy list when all supporting and verification documentation has been submitted. The submission of insufficient or incorrect information will result in penalties being given depending on the seriousness of the case.