LONGi to Launch PV Production Base in Germany

PVTIME – Recently, Li Zhenguo, founder and president of LONGi, revealed in an interview in Germany that LONGi is working on building a PV factory in Germany, with a final decision to be made within six months.

LONGi’s new move appears to be in line with the recent investment strategy of most Chinese companies to set up their own facilities overseas rather than taking stakes in local companies.

Li Zhenguo has emphasised that a favourable framework is a prerequisite for building a plant in Germany, as costs in Europe are certainly higher than in China. “The production of solar products, including modules and related components, is very energy-intensive, so the right framework conditions in Germany as well as in Europe are crucial for PV manufacturers,” said Mr Li. “It has not yet been decided whether LONGi will work with a partner or on its own, as most of the German renewable energy giants have so far focused on the wind power industry.”

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