JinkoSolar Supports Japan’s Largest Oil Refiner to Build Gas Station PV Power Plant in Japan

PVTIME – JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. (“JinkoSolar” or the “Company”) (NYSE: JKS), one of the largest and most innovative solar module manufacturers in the world, today announced its intention to co-operate with ENEOS Corporation (“ENEOS”), Japan’s largest oil refiner, on the provision of solar modules for a Virtual Power Plant (“VPP”) project. For this project, JinkoSolar’s high-efficiency monocrystalline products will be deployed and installed on the roof of gas stations connected to a cloud-based distributed power plant, and will become the first VPP project of JinkoSolar in Japan.

A VPP integrates a pool of independent power sources into a power network and their aggregated assets are used to tailor the supply and demand of electricity. On this project, the VPP consists of JinkoSolar’s high-efficiency solar modules installed on the rooftops of several gas stations that are linked in clusters to the charge/discharge cycle of the storage system. This allows more efficient battery control optimization and effectively re-utilizes the solar power generation on demand.

A world-renowned solar brand, JinkoSolar is also the first foreign-owned solar module manufacturer to achieve annual shipments of over 1 GW in Japan[1]. Mr. Kangping Chen, Chief Executive Officer of JinkoSolar, commented, “Thanks to the top quality and high-efficiency of our products, JinkoSolar is continuously strengthening its cooperation with local partners. JinkoSolar is proud to help accelerate the development of solar energy and promote clean energy in Japan through this strategic partnership with ENEOS.This co-operation shows that traditional oil and gas energy companies are gradually transforming their business models and expanding the use of renewable energy. It also demonstrates how traditional energy and new energy can co-exist, leading to a progressive move from a fossil energy era to a new energy era.”