JA Solar Plans to Expand Integrated Production Capacity of Ingots, Wafers, Solar Cells, and Solar Modules With 10.391 Billion Yuan Investment

PVTIME – On September 15, JA Solar Technology Co., Ltd. announced its plans to expand its integrated production capacity of ingots, wafers, solar cells, and solar modules with an investment of 10.391 billion yuan.

In terms of ingot pulling and silicon wafer production, JA Solar plans to invest 670 million yuan in Ninjing County to increase its annual production of silicon ingot and wafer production by 1GW and 5GW respectively. In order to increase its annual output of ingots by another 20GW, JA Solar plans to invest 5.83 billion yuan to establish its “Yunnan Integrated Hydropower and Silicon Material Processing Demonstration Base”.

In terms of cell production, JA Solar plans to invest 1.47 billion yuan to construct a 3.5GW high-efficient solar cell production project through the establishment of a new Vietnam project company. Another 1.72 billion yuan will be invested to build a new high-efficiency solar cell production line with an annual production capacity of 6GW in Yangzhou, China.

In terms of module production, JA Solar plans to invest 700 million yuan to use existing land in Vietnam for the construction a new high-power module production facility with an annual production of 3.5GW.

According to another announcement made by JA Solar on September 15, its wholly-owned subsidiary, Donghai JA Solar Technology Co., Ltd., reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Xinte Energy Co., Ltd for the purchasing of 97,200 tons of polysilicon from October 2020 to December 2025. The signing of this long-term purchase agreement with Xinte Energy provides a favorable guarantee for the stable supply of JA Solar’s raw materials going forward.

JA Solar’s plans to expand production capacity further is a demonstration of its commitment to its strategic needs for future capacity planning and strengthens its vertical integration industrial chain layout further. Additionally, the plans announced this time not only effectively increase JA Solar’s production capacity of high-efficiency products to better meet the market’s demand, but also help it continuously increase its market share and integrated profitability.