Jinergy HJT Cell Efficiency to Reach 24.2% by the End of 2020

PVTIME – On October 27th, Dr. Liyou Yang, general manager of Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Ltd (“Jinergy”), a China-based technology-driven PV manufacturer, delivered a speech entitled Progress on HJT Mass Production at Jinergy at PV CellTech 2020, organized by Solar Media.

Driven by grid parity, solar cell is facing cost reduction and efficiency improvement. HJT (Heterojunction) technology has become one of the most potential next generation cell technologies due to high efficiency, no LID and shorter process. It is reported that nearly 10 GW of HJT cell capacity has been gradually put into construction in China. With the domestication of HJT equipment and materials, more and more PV manufacturers joined mass production of HJT technology.

In the speech, Dr. YANG mentioned that, Jinergy is one of the leading enterprises in promoting mass production of HJT technology. Average HJT cell efficiency of Jinergy has achieved 23.95% and is expected to reach 24.2% by the end of 2020. Moreover, Jinergy’s Phase II 100MW HJT project went into operation at the end of June this year. Deploying M6 wafer, MBB as well as half-cut technology, bifacial power output of the new generation HJT module can reach 570W.

Jinergy is one of the first PV manufacturers to commercialize HJT modules in China. Jinergy’s HJT module received the first new IEC certificate in the world and also are listed in DEWA and JPAC.

According to Dr. Yang, Jinergy is also studying the possibility of combining HJT with perovskite and IBC. “Jinergy will continue to invest in R&D for cutting-edge technologies and contribute to the global renewable energy market with most advanced and reliable products,” Dr. Yang said.