Jiangsu Jingfei to Establish a 5GW Module Production Base in Taixing

PVTIME – On July 16, Jiangsu Jingfei announced that its new 5GW high-efficiency monocrystalline module production base will be constructed in the Taixing High-tech Zone.

The new 5GW high-efficiency intelligent production line will mainly produce modules with 182mm sized solar cells but will also be compatible with 210mm cells. The output power of the mass produced modules will be up to 530W or more. The project will be constructed in three phases with phase I expected to be operational by September of 2021. Upon completion, the annual output value of the project is expected to exceed 10 billion yuan.

According to reports, Jiangsu Jingfei’s base covers photovoltaic module manufacturing, photovoltaic series product development and application, low-carbon clean energy development and utilization, and green logistics. The base will also focus on the research and development of green building materials products and promote the development of BIPV.

Lu Yanfei, executive director of Jiangsu Jingfei, said, “Jiangsu Jingfei closely follows the pace of national development and actively seeks intelligent transformation in various business segments. Focusing on green buildings, cooperation between central enterprises, “photovoltaics+” and the “Belt and Road” initiative, the completion of the base will promote the rapid development of photovoltaic building integration. This will contribute to the rapid implementation of the national green building development strategy and the realization of green sustainable development.”