JA Solar Plans to Invest 5.024 Billion to Build a 20GW Crystal Pulling and Wafer Slicing Project in Baotou

PVTIME - On February 28, JA Technology issued an announcement stating that its subsidiary, Baotou JA Solar Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Baotou JA Solar"), has been approved to construct a 20GW crystal pulling and wafer slicing project.

According to the announcement, the Baotou Phase III 20GW crystal pulling and wafer slicing project will be located inside the Baotou Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park. The investment total of the project is estimated to be 5.024 billion yuan and the construction period is estimated to be 2 years.

As of September 30, 2020, Baotou JA Solar has total assets of 17.51 billion yuan, total liabilities of 10.078 billion yuan, and net assets of 6.74 billion yuan. From January to September 2020, it realized an operating income of 10.65 billion yuan and a net profit of 1.29 billion yuan.

JA Solar said that the investment and construction of the project are in line with the company's strategic needs for future capacity planning, which will be conducive to further expanding the company's large-size silicon wafer production capacity, enhancing the company's vertically integrated production capacity advantages, and enable the company to better meet the global customers' demand for high-efficiency and high-quality photovoltaic products.