JA Solar Expands Production Capacity Further With a 6GW High-Efficiency Module Project

PVTIME – On December 15, JA Solar issued an announcement stating that its board of directors has approved the “Proposal for the Construction Investment of Yangzhou 6GW High-Efficiency Module Project” inside of Yangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone.

According to the announcement, the investment total of the project is 796 million yuan, and the construction period is expected to be 8 months.

Currently, JA Solar’s Yangzhou base has an annual production capacity of 4.8GW for cells and 4GW for modules, and a 6GW high-efficiency solar cell project is under construction.

The investment this time is in line with the strategic needs of JA Solar’s future capacity planning and will be conducive to JA Solar’s vertically integrated industrial chain layout. Once the project is put into operation, it will effectively increase the production capacity of JA Solar’s high-efficiency products, help it meet market demand, and continuously increase its market share and integrated profitability.