Akcome to Appoint Industry Leader Peng Dexiang as Chief Scientist

PVTIME – Technological innovation waits for no one. Following the replacement of thin film by crystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon with monocrystalline silicon, the photovoltaic industry is once again on the cusp of ushering in the next period of opportunities and challenges.

Heterojunction (HJT) cells have become recognized by the industry as the next optimal solution with unmatched advantages over traditional cells. In recent years, Akcome has adopted an asset-light model throughout all aspects of its operations, and firmly grasped the heterojunction technological trend with its forward-looking planning and allocation of resources into efficient, intelligent manufacturing of HJT products.

Photo of Peng Dexiang (mid) (Source: Akcome)

Recently, along its transformational journey, Akcome has been fortunate to enlist the expertise of Peng Dexiang, General Director of the State High-Tech Development Plan (863 Program)’s heterojunction solar cell project. As a leading figure promoting the industrialization of HJT cells, Peng previously organized research on military projects, participated in the founding of Beijing Solar Electric Power Research Institute, served as Senior Consultant of Jinglong Group, and Chief Researcher of China Electric Equipment Group. In 2010, Peng took on the role of Dean at the Research Institute of Shanghai Chaori Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (now GCL System Integration). In 2016, already in his 70s, Peng was determined to make further advancements in the field of HJT technology with his passion and expertise.

In December 2020, Peng Dexiang will be appointed as Chief Scientist of Jiangsu Akcome Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Capitalizing on Akcome’s strategic first-mover advantage, Peng will assist the smooth implementation of Akcome’s 100 Billion Yuan HJT Project and help create a sustainable “Akcome heterojunction” future.



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