Ideal Deposition to Supply Perovskite Coating Equipment to Top US PV Firm

PVTIME – Ideal Deposition Equipment, a science and technology firm dedicated to localising high-end equipment in the pan-semiconductor sector with chemical vapour deposition technology at its core, has recently entered into a supply agreement with a top American photovoltaic company for manufacturing perovskite cells.

Ideal Deposition primarily focuses on producing equipment with cutting-edge technology for PERC and TOPCon production. In recent years, they have launched a series of related equipment that has received high recognition from mainstream photovoltaic cell producers worldwide. Additionally, their coating equipment for tandem layers of perovskite cells is well-known.
The latest order involves providing SALD coating equipment for the research and development of perovskite cell processing to a US-based enterprise. The company operates globally and provides integrated photovoltaic solar solutions. Their focus is on designing, manufacturing and selling photovoltaic solar power systems, with a strong emphasis on developing and producing the most advanced solar cells and modules. Negotiations will be continued for the cooperation of other machines required for mass-producing solar cells.

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