Hundreds of domestic photovoltaic power station installed rushingly Capital market layout strongly

Today, the domestic photovoltaic listed companies–Risen, New extension, Hairun photovoltaic rose sharply. It is reported that the current round of photovoltaic bull market started from September to May , take sun power for example, it rose more than 70%.

An official of Trina Northwest Branch told reporters, because of the tight and heavy task, and even the installation of workers labor costs are increased by 20% -30%, from Ningxia, Gansu, Qinghai, Xinjiang, everyone is struggling installed photovoltaic power plants, in order to enjoy the last feast of 1 yuan / kWh tariff subsidies. Executive director of Hang Yu solar energy Dingwen Lei told reporters, only in the territory of Xinjiang, there are as many as 110, with a total capacity of 1.2GW of photovoltaic ground station are installing at rush, so that to achieve the grid and get 1 yuan / kWh price before the end of the year, it is the main reason that the prices of PV module rise and tension in supply.

On the other hand, with the value-added tax by half and a series of preferential policies of land, “the western region of large ground station’s internal rate of return has now reached 13.8%, coupled with grid conditions have improved, the western ground station enthusiasm remains very high.” The chief analyst in new energy industry of Minsheng Securities Wang Haisheng analyzed.

Agencies get together to buy. Significant improvement in the performance of photovoltaic enterprises make the domestic PV market become the darling of the capital market. As of today’s close, the stock of a number of PV companies has been increased more days of gains, institutions become a major buy side. Affected by the domestic market, the pressure on corporate debt of the PV is expected to further ease, thus boosting the entire industry to achieve full profitability.


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