GoodWe’s Accelerator to Grid Parity – Versatile 80kW String Inverters

Following the development of photovoltaic technology, the speed of grid parity has been increasingly accelerating, and we have been pushed into what is so-called the “era of high-efficiency”. GoodWe is launching its newest products, the GW80KBF-MT (for bi-facial modules) and the GW80KHV-MT (for large-scale ground-mounted PV plants), two new 80kW smart solar inverters actively contributing to grid parity.

MT 80.png

The inverters have adopted leading topology and an innovative inverter control technology which contributes the maximum efficiency up to 99% and the Europe efficiency to 98.5% respectively. Electricity from PV modules is converted with a decreased loss, greatly increasing power generation capabilities and serving users a higher return on investments. The 80KW MT features 50% DC oversizing, a maximum DC input of 120kW, allowing connections with more PV modules. It also supports 10% AC overloading, increasing power generation by up to 10% and helping the user achieve higher returns. Also, the start-up voltage of these two models is only 200V, and the working voltage of the MPPT ranges from 200-1000V. From the very early hours of the morning till the dead of the night, long operational hours ensure abundant amount of power for usage.

Since Bi-facial module technology has become a way to effectively improve the overall conversion efficiency, more and more photovoltaic systems are beginning to use this method in their applications. The GW80KBF-MT allows a maximum string input current of 13A, can adapt to large currents brought about by bi-facial and double-glass modules, significantly increasing power generation.

Furthermore, GoodWe engineers realize the integrated design based on performance and reliability of mechanical component. These two inverters surprise people with their adaptability to extreme climates. They can withstand a wide range of temperatures from -30℃ to 60℃, go 4000 meters above sea level and its biggest standout fact is capability to operate at full load at 50 degree Celsius. With a completely waterproof solid casing made from aluminum-magnesium alloy in addition to an IP65 protection grade, the new MT inverters are able to adapt to any kind of climate. A smart fan with the highest IP68 protection grade allows strong heat dissipation and ensures a long product lifespan. Most importantly, the DC bus capacitors assembled inside the equipment are all film capacitors that lasts three times longer than electrolytic capacitors. The output filters capacitor uses capacitors with sustainable and reliable operational standards at 85℃ and 85% humidity.

GoodWe also agrees entirely on a common currency that operation and maintenance is one of the most important part in managing a solar system. The 80kW inverters weigh just 72kg, very small in size and have high power density, preserving GoodWe’s strength in quality control and easy transport and installation. Considering it’s not uncommon for PV strings to be connected incorrectly, the new products include the DC reverse connection alarm function. Accurate and specific to every string right down to the smallest detail, the inverters are both smart and safe. They both integrate special type II surge protection modules for DC, AC and communication terminals of the inverters for a better-rounded lightning protection.

The inverters can support string-level monitoring and work with USB, RS485, PLC, Wi-Fi and GPRS, a total of 5 communication methods that you can choose to monitor your PV plants. It especially supports PLC communication, saving money spent on cables and construction. Power generation data can achieve breakpoint transmissions, ensuring complete and reliable data.And both models can precisely locate faulty strings using smart detection, while the GW80KHV-MT is also equipped with an IV curve scanning function to send its diagnosis to the power station directly, enabling immediate detection and location of the faulty string, reducing power loss as well as the pressure of existing maintenance.

GoodWe is becoming one of the leading companies in global solar market, after many years of painstaking research, continuously achieving innovative breakthroughs in the world of inverter technology. Once the new MT inverters hit the market, its highly-efficient, intelligent, flexible, safe and reliable nature, in addition to convenient operational and maintenance usage will make it your best choice.


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