GoodWe Solar Inverter started its first branch in Germany

After two months of preparation, GoodWe German Office was established in Wuppertal, Nordrhein-Westfalen on 10th August. The office will play a significant role in after sales service, presales support, business expansion, warehousing, distribution, etc., which will not only help customers to solve various problems in their use of products but also give an immediate response to the demands of local distributors. This is GoodWe’s first branch set up in Germany and will become a milestone of GoodWe to explore the whole European market.

So far, GoodWe solar inverters: SS series, DS series and DT series (1.5-17kW) have obtained VDE-AR-N 4105 Certificate, which make GoodWe has an abundant product line in Germany. In the following months, GoodWe will introduce its MT series (100-500kW) to Germany so as to achieve a comprehensive coverage of German Market.

“After using GoodWe inverters, our European customers were very satisfied with our product performance. So far from early 2012, our shipments have been up to 2000 as far as the Denmark market was concerned. GoodWe is a company which attaches great importance to its brand establishment. Opening an office in Germany is to have an immediate response to customers’ problems in their use of our products. In addition, setting up an office is also a way to support our distributors thus have a strong sense of the determination of establishing GoodWe brand. At the same time, Our German office will take full advantage of its strategic position and drive the development of other European markets around Germany” said Mr. Jiang Deming, the director of Marketing and Sales department.

The office is located in the west of Germany, which is adjacent to Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and etc. With the installation up to 852MW, Nordrhein-Westfalen has become the third largest state in PV system installation.


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