GoodWe Solar Inverter introduces their new products with Earth Fault Alarm to Australia

The 25th East Solar Expo and Conference was convened grandly in Melbourne on 21-22 August. GoodWe stood out among other exhibitors and became the shining star in the show because of the superior design and the exquisite craftsmanship of the stand and its high-quality solar inverters. Over two days, GoodWe received more than 700 people from Australian PV field. Also, GoodWe met with distributors and installers from different states in Australia, and had further discussion on many issues.

At East Solar, the improved GoodWe SS, DS, DT Series solar inverters were introduced to Australian market. Featured by high efficiency, small size, light weight and stable quality, the inverters are equipped with earth fault alarm system.

As the latest R&D results, GoodWe Solar inverters with earth fault alarm were invented for the new Australian standard. The new standard will be enforced throughout Australia in October, 2012. According to the new standard, all inverters sold in Australia must be equipped with earth fault alarm system. Once PV system suffers the earth fault, solar inverters shall detect this and send a signal to the alarm device. The alarm system may be an audible signal placed in an area where operational staff or system owners will be aware of the signal or another form of fault communication, e.g. fax, email, SMS or similar shall be applied to inform the system operator. GoodWe solar inverters can meet this standard with both software and hardware.


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