Clenergy proudly sponsors Sydney University Handball Club

Clenergy is proud to announce that the company became the main sponsor of the Sydney Uni Handball Club. Australia’s first-ever club team, Sydney Uni is currently on its way to the IHF (International Handball Federation) Super Globe, the official Handball Club World Cup that is comparable to FIFA’s Club World Cup. The Super Globe finals will be held in Doha, Qatar, from August 27 to September 1.

Sydney Uni’s victory in last years’ Oceania Club Champions tournament in Tahiti granted the pure amateur team entry into the Super Globe tournament. The team gets ready to face a field of the best professional teams from around the globe, including a raft of Olympic medalists.

For Clenergy, this sponsorship has special significance. Clenergy Australia enjoys the enviable position In the Australian PV-Market of being known as one of the market leader with innovative, high quality products and outstanding service. Australia has become one of Clenergy’s most stable and important markets. Sponsoring the Sydney Uni Handball Club is a great opportunity for the company to support the community.

The upcoming competition in Qatar will be broadcasted globally via European broadcasters and Al Jazeera Sport. The Teams appearance on the world stage and with its Clenergy-branded uniforms will help Clenergy spread awareness of the company’s innovative renewable energy solutions. As a part of its global mission, Clenergy is proud to promote renewable energy in the Middle East.

Members of the Clenergy team will also be in the region for the Solar Arabia Summit on September 16and 17. Clenergy will exhibit its key IP-protected PV-mounting products and equipment at the summit. With its abundant solar radiation resource and the strong commitments of local governments to develop renewable energy, the Middle East is getting one step closer to a clean energy future.

On behalf of everyone at Clenergy, we wish the Sydney Uni team and the Solar Arabia Summit team the best of luck!

Clenergy sponsors Sydney University Handball Club, the team wears uniforms with the “CLENERGY” trademark.


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