Good Energy with Ecolution and GoodWe Collaboration

10 May 2013:Kent-based Ecolution Energy Services is announcing that they will be adding a range of inverters from GoodWe (Jiangsu) Power Supply Technology Co Ltd to its stock holding. GoodWe’s 4kW solar inverter has recently achieved a Double A result from Photon Lab and the company has achieved a place in the top-10 rankings in Photon’s December 2012 tests in the power class of 1-5kW . Ecolution will be featuring the inverter range on their new solar e-commerce website and will be using the products on a variety of projects where appropriate.

GoodWe has developed an impressive full-range inverter package to suit the broad customer requirements across world markets: the SS (single-MPPT, single-phase); the DS (dual-MPPT, single-phase); the DT (dual-MPPT, three-phase); the DI (high-frequency isolated); the PB (inverter with battery); JP (for the Japanese market) and MT (central) solar inverters, ranging from 1.5 to 500kW. The maximum conversion efficiency reaches up to 98.8% with the efficiency of the MPPT product reaching over 99.5%. The total harmonic distortion of currents (electric) is less than 1%, which achieves a world-leading position. Wireless and internet monitoring solutions are in place to meet the diverse customer requirements.

Richard Jenkins, managing director at Ecolution, says: “We are delighted to be able to offer GoodWe’s inverter range to our customers. Their full-range strategy has made them outstanding among their Chinese and global competitors. Our aim is to provide customers with the very best products at the best price – we are able to do that with our collaboration with GoodWe.”

Daniel Huang, the general manager at GoodWe, says: “We are very proud to have Ecolution as our UK partner as they are one of the leading distributors in the UK. Ecolution is very experienced in the PV market, offering not only high-quality solar components but also a one-stop solution to UK installers. Through its outstanding e-commerce website, installers can have a great experience in system design and an easy access to whatever they are looking for.”

The GoodWe range of products is suitable for residential, commercial rooftop and large ground-mounted systems. The inverters are ideal for varied environments and suit the wet weather conditions in the UK. They are also compatible with popular monitoring systems.


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