French CARBON Solar to Set PV R&D and Training Facility in Istres

PVTIME – CARBON Solar, a French solar company, is launching a new R&D centre named CARBON Lab. This is an important step for CARBON to expand its solar PV distribution in the EU.

The new lab will be located in Istres and will require a minimum investment of 33 million euros. The State is supporting this investment through the France 2030 programme. The new facility will host CARBON’s research, development, and innovation centre, focusing on production processes and photovoltaic products, as well as training activities. It is expected to create approximately 200 jobs in the lab, in addition to 3,000 jobs at the company’s Fos-sur-Mer gigafactory. The new facility will be completed in several phases and will be operational in 2027. It will support the gigafactory and activities in other locations through innovation and excellence.

In addition, CARBON’s first gigafactory was initiated in 2023. The plant is designed with an annual production capacity of 5 GW for PV cells and 3.5 GW for PV modules. CARBON has planned a vertical integration of the core of the value chain for its solar products, including ingots, bricks, wafers, cells and modules, as a secured supply chain. It currently engages in n-type products, including TOPCon and IBC, and its goal is to be producing 30 GW of wafers, 20 GW of cells and 15 GW of PV modules at several gigafactories in Europe by 2030.

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