5GW! NorSun Plans First Wafer Fab in the US

PVTIME – Norwegian privately-held NorSun AS, which manufactures and markets mono-crystalline silicon ingots and wafers for the global solar energy industry, recently announced the construction of its first US solar ingot and wafer manufacturing facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with a total investment of $620 million.

The new facility is expected to produce 5GW of silicon ingots and solar wafers per year to meet the growing demand from US solar product manufacturers. Construction is expected to begin in 2024 and be operational in 2026, creating 320 jobs. The Tulsa site offers the opportunity to further expand production up to 10GW as the US continues to prioritise domestic energy production.

In July 2023, NorSun received a $59m (€54m) grant from the European Union (EU) Innovation Fund for a 3GW expansion of ingot and wafer capacity in Årdal. Subsequently, in August 2023, NorSun raised $8.6 million (NOK 90 million) in new equity to fund its 5GW production facility in the US. The company is also evaluating plans to expand in Årdal in Vestland, Norway, and is targeting growth projects in the country as well as the rest of Europe.

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