Clenergy partners on a 30MW ground-mounted PV project in northwest China

The project will use Clenergy’s customized ground mounting system

A top utility company in China recently broke ground on a 50MW PV power station in Dunhuang, China’s “PV golden region” in the northwest of the country. The project will be one of the world’s largest PV power stations upon completion. The company chose Clenergy to provide a customized mounting solution for the project on the strength of Clenergy’s proven track record on utility scale projects, as well as its financial strength, R&D capacity, product quality and service standards.

Clenergy’s mounting system, with its great compatibility and ease of installation, makes its customized mounting solution cost-effective, while its modular-designed components eliminate the need for welding on site. The project will combine Clenergy’s two mounting systems: the steel system of the PV-ezRack SolarTerrace I–B and the ground-screw installation method of the PV-ezRack Solar Terrace series.

•l PV-ezRack SolarTerrace I–B C-steel system
This system has great strength and excellent hot-dip zinc surface coating. The coating thickness meets or exceeds 80mu, extending its lifespan up to 30 years. The rail is made from C-steel, which is recyclable and suitable for any framed solar panels.

•l PV-ezRack Solar Terrace series with ground-screw installation method
The Dunhuang project’s semi-arid installation site includes a hard soil and a lack of nearby water sources. These environmental factors dictated that Clenergy use the ground-screw installation method of the PV-ezRack Solar Terrace series. This method allows for accurate positioning and easy operation by deploying ground screws that greatly facilitate the installation process and help to reduce labor costs. Moreover, it’s environmentally friendly because the material is reusable. Should the project be dismounted, vegetation can easily be restored on the site, or the area can quickly be repurposed for other uses.

Beyond the physical features of Clenergy’s products, the team’s service sets Clenergy apart from the pack. Given the complexity of the Dunhuang installation site, Clenergy’s engineers performed a remarkable amount of initial site inspections, collecting copious data for the project design. The technical team is working closely with the client to provide professional and efficient support. As with all Clenergy solutions, the project is tailor-made to the client’s specific needs. Moreover, Clenergy’s Product Management, Project Management and Installation Support teams are working hard to make sure the project in Dunhuang enjoys a smooth installation and efficient after-sales service.

The client spoke positively about Clenergy’s mounting solutions in discussing the deal. “Clenergy’s ability to customize the mounting solution for the project was quite impressive, while the use of environment-friendly material and the special installation method has been a major plus for us.”

Clenergy is proud to contribute to the renewable energy cause in northwest China. Clenergy is constantly expanding its presence in the global PV market and carrying out its mission to make renewable energy affordable and accessible.


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